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Cataloging the bravery and activism of LGBTQI service members one story at a time.

August 14, 2014

Ashley Thomas Medcalf

U.S. AIR FORCE RESERVIST, 13 YEARS OF SERVICE   ASHLEY ON LOVE, ENTITLEMENT, FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS:   I was an army brat, my mother was in the army, she joined when I was nine much to the disagreement of my family as no one wanted her to join. It changed our lives. We were from…

David, Among Dreams
November 14, 2013


SECOND LIEUTENANT, U.S. ARMY, 2004-PRESENT   DAVID ON THE NEW FREE GAY AND LESBIAN GENERATION OF CADETS:   I think I’ve always known I was gay. I grew up in a very Catholic family here in the states, in South Florida.  Our church was located right in the middle of Wilton Manner.  So I was…